This Procrastination Thing

Posted: March 4, 2018 in Life

Never put off to tomorrow that which you can do today. That’s the lesson I’ve learnt (again) today.

I’m seated at this café in Kimathi Street overlooking the street as it rains mildly. I’m having this deja vú blogging feeling. I’ve just come from a church wedding where I didn’t really feel I belonged. This aside.

I’ve been having a tail light issue on my car for about 3 weeks now. Just to break it down, my tail light won’t turn off even after turning off the engine and the light switch. My first instinct was to call my mech whom I didn’t till 2 days ago. Even though I called him, I hadn’t slotted a time yet to take the car to him.

The other action I had decided to take was to Google it, which I never did till today while at church. Talk of distraction of men by their toys. To cut the short story short (pun intended), turns out I had flickered the ‘always on’ switch for the tail lights to on while cleaning the dash.

A simple Google search revealed that, and here I am wondering what took me so long to figure that out. Thinking of all those 5am mornings and 8pm evenings where I had to pop the hood to connect and disconnect the fuse so the lights didn’t ran down my battery. Sigh!

The lessons we constantly learn.


That Kisii Man..

Posted: November 26, 2017 in Balcony Thoughts, Life

View to the Dam

I’m seated at the balcony of my rented apartment soaking in the view of a beautiful dam just 300 metres away. My eyes roam about as the sun’s reflection on the waters dazzle the beauty that is a new day. My mind starts processing the information the eyes are seeing subconsciously.

I see a row of Eucalyptus trees just at the banks of the dam in their youth. Just after the trees towards land is a well tilled land with mixed farming practiced on it. Then I see a man in his mid-thirties on the farm with a hoe and a panga (machete). From what I see, he is weeding rows of his newly planted maize crop. He is alone.

My eyes keep moving up the farm and lastly it lands on a house structure whose fence borders the access road, an all-weather road. A few chicken run around the homestead but no cattle or sheep or goats. The homestead is fenced by hedges of the Kei Apple plant and other plants I cannot recognize from a distance. An all familiar picture comes to mind: homesteads in the Kisii highlands.

Large (relatively) pieces of land that begin from the road and end at the river in a slanting design, with the homestead at the top followed by the farms and grazing fields all the way down to the river at the bottom. The Eucalyptus trees at the edge of the river or stream top this off. Not forgetting mixed farming too!

This man must be a Kisii. He woke up at 5 or 6am, dressed and went directly to the farm. He starts working without even a glass of water touching his mouth. His wife, who will wake up a few minutes later, will prepare breakfast for her husband and kids. Then she will task the kids to tend to the chicken or any other chores around the house. She will then carry her hoe, the prepared breakfast (normally carried in a 5-litre jerrycan or jug) and some accompaniments and join her husband at the farm.

It’s now 8am. The man has done about 50% of the weeding (alone) and he needs a break, a breakfast break. He downs 4 cups of the porridge while sitting staring at his farm. He’s probably thinking:

“In a year of two, those trees should have matured for sell. I’ll sell three-quarters of them and use that money to reroof my house. Then I’ll finish paying dowry for my wife. The remaining quarter will be used in reinforcing the fence around the homestead and some firewood too…”

“Do you want some more?” The polite voice of his wife brings him back from his thoughts. He declines, takes one last gulp of what’s left in his cup and resumes weeding. His wife joins him and with very minimal conversation they continue working. They are done by 10am just as the sun is flexing its rays and temperatures start building up. The husband carries his hoe as the wife gathers everything else. They walk back but the husband keeps examining the fence for breaches and strength.

He is a hardworking man, provides an honest living for his family and would do anything to ensure they are satisfied within his means.

He must be a Kisii man. I’m well convinced.

People have very peculiar habits. Most of us have the habit of wanting and not doing, wishing and not working for it. One particular case is about fitness and the constant wishing (read whining) by people to get fit bodies.

I am a naturally (genetically) slender guy with a well toned body. I’ll have to gobble up lots of junk foods for months (with lots of effort) before I start looking fat. But am I sitting around just because I have a genetically toned body? No! I know the benefits of exercising both mentally and physically so I do so regularly.

There’s this particular kind of people who constantly admire pictures of other people who have nice bodies (achieved by determined workout schedules) and wish that they had such bodies as well. This goes on and on and eventually becomes whining to the ears of their daily audience.

There’s no shortcut to getting great results in life. If you want something, you gotta work for it. There’s no magic secret or formula. It’s just easy as that. The wonder of working out is that you don’t have to engage yourself in vigorous activity. Find something that works out for you no matter how small and keep at it CONSISTENTLY! Little workout efforts compounded over time will lead to great results.

So why don’t you quit your whining today, get your ass off that couch, ditch those fatty junk foods and work for that fitness you want?


Continuous advancement in technology means we get exposed to means of communication that is real-time, fast and very convenient. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with it’s own share of evils, or is it the users who are evil?

Whatsapp Messenger has been a godsend to the millennial generation who have since ditched SMS’ing and fully taken up this means of communication. They sweetened this by adding functionality to send pictures, audio and video files. The future looks bright on this front I can tell you.

With such innovative tech, we need to accompany it with a degree of etiquette so as not to abuse such great inventions. In as much as there have been no explicitly defined rules of use for such technology, common sense dictates that there are some things that you should suppress yourself from doing. Take a look at a few of the below examples:

  1. Re-posting previous posts. This is a very selfish attempt at getting people (in a group) to always read your content at the same time showing that you don’t take time to read theirs.
  2. Posting a 20MB video that is only 10 seconds long. This is nuts!! 20MB file? Just because you’re on an unlimited data plan does not mean your audience is.
  3. Posting graphic images and videos with no warning whatsoever. This coupled with people taking pictures anyhow at accident and disaster scenes presents a very unethical culture.
  4. Posting irrelevant content on groups that are objective.
  5. Copying and pasting posts without validating the content or even correcting spelling mistakes. This makes you look the fool.
  6. Adding people to groups unnecessarily without seeking consent from them first.
  7. Soliciting for harambees and funding unnecessarily. There’s a reason the government banned harambees.
  8. This also touches on ‘accidentally’ sending content to the wrong person Bro Ochollah style. You need to always verify your recipient before hitting that send key. Your reputation or your job could be at stake here.
  9. Tribal posts that try to recruit people to some political affiliations or forwarding election campaign posts for a preferred candidate.
  10. Lastly, the most annoying of all, the posts that end with “…forward this post to 20 people including me and you will see a miracle in your life..” and their kinds. This one has BULLSHIT written all over it.

Let’s just let common sense prevail. The beauty of technology does not have to be ruined by people’s nuisance.

This ‘Rest In Peace’ Mentality

Posted: April 3, 2017 in Life

We have all lost loved ones, friends, family and people around us at some point in our lives. I understand how this can be painful and remorseful to the affected but allow me to make this very obvious observation.

‘Rest in Peace’. I see this in obituaries, eulogies and well wishes from concerned people. Pardon my blatant curiosity but why exactly do we say this? Are we instructing the soul or the body to “rest in peace”? How much about what happens after death do we know of (apart from the religious teachings) that warrants us to believe that there’s peace after death?

Take for example a murderer who got convicted to hang. This is one person who goes to the grave with souls of the lives he/she took haunting and baying his/her blood (excuse the expression and my wild imagination). For the religious folks, we all know about the heaven and hell narrative and on which side you will belong come judgment day. Why is it that it’s the living ones that get to pretend that they’ll meet the person who just passed away in heaven based on what they saw from his life on the outside not knowing the true nature of that person’s life on the inside?

Let me leave that to you to ponder over.

Do You Know Why I Like Donald Trump?

Posted: March 22, 2017 in Life

Before you start castigating me for not conforming to the hate the world has to Donald Trump, just hear me out first.

For every good or bad thing, there’s always a con or pro to it (respectively). We’re not just gonna rubbish the pros just because the majority of the world has chosen to see the cons only. Personally I’ve chosen to look at the positives even though you might not resonate with my thinking.

Trump is a hardworking and a very smart man. Picture this; he borrowed some money from his dad and he used it to build the business empire that he has right now (i’m not really interested in the controversies of how much his dad loaned him). He exploited loopholes in the US taxation system to avoid paying scrupulous amounts of tax. C’mon, don’t look at me like that, this is a capitalist world. You need to exploit every chance you get and he did exactly that!

He is bold and candid. He does not flinch when he decides to call people names or confront you on an issue. The world has been invaded by a lot of bullshit diplomacy that strives to sweep always sweep disputes under the carpet. What happened to straight up talk? Are leaders just gonna attend NATO, UN and G8 summits and sip their tea while dodging contentious issues? Hit the nail on the head damnit!

I also like his immediate approach on issues. Why should you wait 2 years later to respond to a troll on Twitter from a dissident or to a speech from another president? Remember how Netanyahu immediately slammed John Kerry’s condemning speech about Israel? That’s what I’m talking about.

He fulfills his promises, at least he’s showing that he’s working on them. His immigration and healthcare promises are getting some action in the form of draft immigration bans and his efforts in repealing Obamacare. If it were just up to him, he would have completely finished on this. We’re waiting to see on the Mexico wall.

Finally, Trump is a very confident man. I personally love this one. Do you remember his campaign rallies and the debates? Man, this guy was oozing confidence everywhere. He walked over Hillary with his “winning” campaign slogans and he did it. Just read this part from a 45-minute verbal Trump rant on winning, in one of his campaigns:

“We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ You’ve heard this one. You’ll say ‘Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else.’” Trump said. “And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning, We’re going to make America great again.”

Don’t you just love this? I don’t know about you I wanna win too!

Dear Future Spouse.. 

Posted: March 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

This is not a letter. This is a disclaimer, like those which legally smart companies have in place to protect themselves. Don’t be alarmed, I’m not protecting myself from you. I’m just saying this in advance so I can use this line “remember how I said this in 2017 on my blog..? ” in future.

I’m an enthusiastic biker..a cyclist to be precise. I like motorbikes too btw. I spend my weekends burning up and torturing my legs, thighs, crotch and rest of my body pedaling away, gaining mileage and enjoying life on my two-wheeler. 

My aim of writing this is to point out a few things that would make you understand this hobby and get rid of those moments where we’d have misunderstandings. 

Cycling is an expensive hobby. It is already draining my pockets and it sure will still be when I meet you. I ride a Scott 29er. I’d have added a couple more bikes by the time you meet me. And I know you’ll ask the same question most people ask.. “why do you have 2 or 3 bikes?”. Nobody really understands.

 I’ll spend money on kits, upgrades, repairs, events, etc. I know we’ll sometimes foght about my ‘unnecessary’bike expenditures but we’ll get through it somehow.

I’ll wake up early, leave you in bed sleeping, mount my bike and ride all day. I’ll compensate for those cuddly mornings when you’d want me to be by your side by my chivalry. You’ll know it by the time you’re reading this.

I’ll come back home in the evening exhausted, probably bruised but with a smile in my heart on a day well spent out there. These are the times when I’d love to see the caring woman that I married. Please try and massage my thighs if you can, it would really help *wink*.

I hope I will have succeeded in recruiting you to join me in my cycling ventures. It’s a truly adventurous and fun sport. Keeps you fit while letting you enjoy the outdoors. I know I wouldn’t have a problem with the kids as they would just tag along with their dad uninvited. 

Don’t let my love for bikes worry you. I will shower you with enough love my bikes will be jealous. We’ll have our car from which you’ll ride comfortably in, though I might prefer to ride my bike to work sometimes. I’ll keep myself safe on the road for you because I know your smile and love is what I’ll look forward to each day. 

Just to bring in some humor, I’ll be a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra). Please take time to read about the tribulations of this cyclist’s wife on the Daily Mail’s article here

Thank you for understanding. 

PS: All my bikes sleep inside the house (unless we have a garage). This is really not negotiable; remember they are very expensive.  Thank you in advance.