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Noah’s ark (not the movie currently at the theaters) displays great lessons when we look at that story closely. Some the great lessons are…


Don’t miss the boat (not literally).
Remember that we are all in the same boat (pun unintended).
Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
Stay fit. When you’re really old someone may ask you to do something really big.
Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.
Build your future on higher ground.
For safety (and loneliness) sake, travel in pairs.
Speed isn’t always an advantage..the snails were on board with the cheetahs.
When you’re stressed, just float awhile.
Remember the ark was built with amateurs and the Titanic by professionals..scratch that…engineers!
No matter the storm, when you’re with God there’s always a rainbow waiting.


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A lot of men act like they are doing a woman a favor by asking for their hand in marriage, but lets go through this first:

She changes her name

She changes her home and moves in with you

She leaves her family and builds a home with you

She gets pregnant for you

She bears a child for you

Pregnancy ruins her once flawless figure

She gets fat in the process

The kids she delivers bear your name

Up to the day she dies everything she does benefits you…

So really, who is doing who a favor?


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dada son

I have been inspired to write this because I’m concerned about what my son (if I’ll have one) will think of women. My dad taught me how to be real man and I shall do the same to save my son from becoming a douche. . We are living in a society where the majority has misconceptions and wrong priorities. I’m afraid that unlike me, my son will view women as sexual tools only and nothing else.

With the increasing number of women who are willing to post naked pictures in the internet and seek cheap fame through their bodily curves, I’m afraid that my son will only see women in a way what these ratchets portray themselves – sexual figures.

Kenya is becoming a ‘socialites’ den. The definition of socialite has been twisted but these ladies are running away with the word while singing, “Catch us if you can.”   Every day, these symbols of sexuality are increasing in numbers. Huddah, Vera, Risper, Corazon, Horizon etc… Ooh is there one called Horizon too? I’ve lost count.

You know the feeling you get when someone insists on showing you their car yet you have a much better car than they do? That’s the feeling I get when I see socialites. I don’t understand why a specific group of people decide to show us their inflated body parts yet some of us have wives or girlfriends with far more attractive bodily features.

I’m still afraid that my son will see women as breasts and bum only. I’m afraid that my son will be like a medieval African King who sees females as nothing but property. With the amount of publicity that nudity is getting, things will only get worse.  Sexual prowess is being given priority over intellect. We are destroying all the pinnacles that great men and women in history fought for.

I don’t want my son to see women as just ‘tap mates.‘ I want my son to see women as the special beings that God created them to be. Here is what I’ll tell my son

Appreciate a woman but don’t tolerate her misdemeanors

Every woman loves to be appreciated. It doesn’t matter whether she deserves the appreciation or not. If she makes an effort, it’s your duty to appreciate. When she cooks that awful dinner for you after really trying her best to make it come out right, she needs to hear and know that you appreciate it. Women love to hear you say this food is good” and “you look good”.

However, In as much as a woman loves to be appreciated, she wouldn’t respect a man who kisses her ass. If she gives you bullshit, give her bullshit too. She’ll realize where she went wrong. Remember that it’s not a woman’s job to take care of you all day long or to do domestic chores all year round, Don’t let her overwork. Equal contribution and participation is essential for a long lasting relationship.

Don’t compare, simply understand

Don’t compare a woman with your mother or your first love. Women vary in everything and that is why it shouldn’t be expected that all women carry the same qualities. Sometimes women are complex so don’t always try to immerse yourself into their merry-go-round. You might shame yourself like one Colonel Mustapha.

Different women have different characteristics and it’s in your power to understand them and make a choice. Don’t spend your days trying to change a woman. As you waste time doing that, your peers will be doing greater things and getting ahead of you. If a lady wants to change for you, she will, even without you asking for it.  Comparing the present woman with the past one is simply unreasonable too. Generations change but morals and intellect should remain. That should be your basis for drawing a conclusion.

Respect a woman but judge her too

Respect a woman and engage her in various aspects of life, not just sexually.  Be a gentleman but don’t forget to judge. Have the ability to differentiate a respectable woman from a lost woman. A woman who drops her pants freely is worth your general respect but not worth your commitment or time. A woman who clears bitter liquor in minutes doesn’t mind showing of all her body parts to the world might seem desirable, but remember that, ‘The greatest of pleasures come with the greatest of pains.’  It’s better to enjoy good things in moderation than all at once. .

Do not try too hard

Women tend to have their preferences.  If she is different from any other woman you have been with before, it is simply because that is how her persona is. If she doesn’t like you, don’t force it. Cliches state that there’s plenty of sea in the fish in the sea and that’s very true.  You have two options, either try to comprehend what makes her click or don’t bother trying to enter her life.

Do not go crazy and do things that insane men do. Never force yourself on a woman and never force a woman on yourself. If you conduct yourself as an insightful and action oriented man, you will always get the best women.  So be a man.

I believe you will be wise enough to figure it out anything else yourself.


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If you want to get hired and stay hired you need to know how hiring managers think. Since Google is setting the standard for attracting, hiring (and paying) top talent, examining and understanding their hiring standards and practices could help you even if you have no interest in working there.

Let’s start with GPA’s and test scores since most of us have always worried about how we “stack up”. Laszlo Bock, The SVP of People Operations at Google said in a recent interview with New York Times’ Adam Bryant that GPA’s and test scores don’t predict anything about who is going to be a successful employee. Bock said that a better predictor of success is seeing how a person can analyze and solve difficult problems. The number of awards you’ve won or the leadership roles you’ve assumed are only relevant to hiring managers if they showcase certain sought after attributes; Management is looking for your ability to solve difficult problems, work well under pressure, inspire others to take action and think on the fly.

“There are five hiring attributes we have across the company,” explained Bock. “If it’s a technical role, we assess your coding ability, and half the roles in the company are technical roles. For every job, though, the No. 1 thing we look for is general cognitive ability, and it’s not I.Q. It’s learning ability. It’s the ability to process on the fly. It’s the ability to pull together disparate bits of information. We assess that using structured behavioral interviews that we validate to make sure they’re predictive.”

The savvy candidate will recognize that all businesses are challenged by rapid changes both industry specific and in the general economy.  The ideal employee can help their firm in adapting to market disruption. About 2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed, “the only constant in life is change.”

“Top talent” tends to embrace change and enjoys the challenge of working in a dynamic environment where everything isn’t predictable. They tend to be more innovative and flexible in their approach to solving problems and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Management across industries has a difficult task discerning whether a candidate has these traits. Why not make management’s job easy by finding examples of how you possess these traits.  If these qualities are expected from the leaders of the company, it’s logical they would also be favorable for the firm’s employees. Once you know what hiring managers’ are looking for in perspective new hires, you can tailor your responses in an interview accordingly. Your answers should  focus on sharing experiences and accomplishments that best demonstrate how you possess those particular attributes. I’ve summarized Bock’s insights and added some of my own to give more breadth and depth to answer what it takes to become “top talent.”  


“Top talent” can adjust to new rules, new demands, new people and new environments. They cope well with the unexpected and have a positive attitude. They’re willing to try and learn new ways to achieve targets and they keep an open mind.

Employers are looking for top talent who are:

  • Rapid Learners
  • Resilient
  • Quickly change priorities to respond to changing goals
  • Try to improve process by rapidly acquiring and integrating new information
  • Foster an environment of process improvement rather than blame
  • Remain calm and composed under stress
  • Can manage completing assignments with competing deadlines


“Top talent” recognizes when he is the best person for the task and when it’s critical to join others and work as a part of a team.

  • Follow through on commitments
  • Strong communication skills
  • Don’t take negative feedback personally
  • Don’t take credit for good results
  • Get along well with others
  • Not fearful of incorporating team members with superior expertise for a superior outcome

Adept problem solver

“Top talent” doesn’t hesitate to fix a problem.

  • First to offer to help
  • Come through fast and over deliver
  • Offer creative, innovative solutions
  • Inspire others to take action
  • Consistent
  • Provide a new approach to solving problems


“Top talent” knows her talents and doesn’t need to broadcast them to fellow employees or to their superior. This personality exudes confidence but not in a way that intimidates others. Their calm tone and mild manner draws people to them and makes it easy for others to come to them for help and to open up to them about challenges they face.

  • Embrace others’ better ideas
  • Learn from failure
  • Step back to see if someone has a better point


When faced with a problem as a team member, “top talent” intuitively knows the appropriate time to step in or step back; s/he focuses on the project’s success, not on a rigid leadership structure.

Great leaders tend to be inclusive, humble, self-directed and mission focused and inspire others to action. An employee who exhibits leadership ability is generally well respected by co-workers. They have demonstrated competence and are often known to seek feedback (both positive and negative). Top talent shows genuine concern for the well being of the group.

“Top talent” NEVER Says:

“It’s not my job”!

Companies are ALWAYS ready to hire and retain top talent. Though the hard skills may vary from one firm to the next, the soft skills, which define traits for top talent, are universal.

The primary goal for all new hires should be to learn everything necessary to excel at your new job and to exceed your supervisors’ expectations. In order to do this well, you need to understand what’s expected of you AND your boss. Becoming top talent requires more than using your expertise to do an adequate job at work. It necessitates using your talents, creativity and expertise to advance the success of your team and of your company.

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Kids…i love these little human-being like creatures. Their curiosity is admirable and their application of simple logic will leave you in awe as they make up little sensible questions and statements to answer their questions and prove some theories right. Take the example below:

Kid: God made the first man and woman, right?

Priest: Indeed.

Kid: And they were naked in the garden, right?

Priest: Well..yes.

Kid: And God watched them..right?

Priest: *getting sweaty* Naturally..

Kid: *smiling* So God invented porn..right?

Priest: *faints*

Lesson? Simple logic always leads to the truth.

N.B. This is just a joke and it should not in any way rub on the religious souls the wrong manner.


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Thomas Carlyle Ford or Tom Ford as he is popularly known is an American designer and film director. I will not delve much into his profile or his childhood life. I’m pretty sure Wikipedia has already done a good job about that for you. He pointed out the 15 things that every man should have as listed below:

  1. A sense of humor. Wait, let me rephrase that…Good sense of humor.
  2. A daily read of the newspaper. You gotta know whats happening out there. Plus reading does a lot of good to your brain.
  3. A sport that you love and are good at. If you don’t have one, you can try football.
  4. Tweezers…don’t look at me like that, you should Google what they are for.
  5. A good cologne that becomes a signature. Smell good all the time.
  6. A well cut dark suit. It always works, always. As Bro Barney says…Suit Up!! Image
  7. A pair of classic black lace-up shoes. Boots too. The image below should provide some guidelines.Image
  8. A smart blazer.
  9. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.
  10. Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.
  11. ALWAYS NEW SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR. Yes..that should in uppercase and bold because men are culprits on this one. Please throw away the old ones every 6 or so months.
  12. A classic tuxedo for that evening party.
  13. A beautiful and classy watch with a metallic or leather strap. Image
  14. The perfect sunglasses. Don’t be caught in aviators if your face is shaped for rayburns.
  15. Perfect teeth. I don’t know what this means but he probably meant that you should fix your teeth…straighten and bleach them if they are ‘golden’.

All images courtesy of @GentlemenWear.



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“Tititititi…Titititititi…” The bedside digital alarm clock comes to life signaling the beginning of a new day. The LCD display shows 6am as the time your lazy ass is supposed to get off bed. You stretch your arm to turn it off just to get an additional 2-minute sleep. Wait…who uses those digital alarm clocks anymore? Only in movies do we see them since the producer wants to add an extra touch to the ambiance of the bedroom. Smartphones have taken up that role of alarm clock and pretty much everything its ‘smart ass’ can do.

As you stretch to turn it off, you also reach out for it so you can start your day by checking your Twitter and Facebook timeline for the early morning feeds…a new kind of tax introduced by our revenue-savvy governors, whether the politician you so passionately hate has passed on or if billboards have been confused for armed robbers.

You make your way to the kitchen, toothbrush in your mouth, to defrost your favorite breakfast on the microwave. The display shows 4 minutes that you’ve set, which is also the same amount of time you need to get in and out of the shower. Such is the bachelor life. Breakfast is taken quick and in no minute you’re out to take a bus/matatu to work. the matatu industry has evolved with time to accommodate the needs of the current generation..a screen in them for on-travel entertainment. The best morning show is playing and most are tuned in. Oh..Wi-Fi! Thank you Safaricom for that. Tablets, iPads and smartphones are out and people are ‘touching’ away. You just can’t resist the temptation.

The morning traffic is whiled away by the ‘free’ internet. As you slowly approach the Uhuru Highway – Haile Selassie roundabout, a huge live billboard springs up displaying the creativity and efforts of marketers in the corporate world. At last the morning trip comes to an end and there you’re in the office 5 minutes late. You mutter a slight thank you to the One above for making it ‘on time’. last week was worse. Your PC is turned on and work begins as usual. Your eyes get glued to that screen for the next 5 hours. Lunch break has you running for the nearest ATM for a weekly withdrawal. Two ATMs have the annoying “This ATM is temporarily out of service” message displayed and you all have to share the next remaining two.

The afternoon whiles away slowly and you’re left pondering over how you’ll finish the day off. BOOM! An idea springs up. Why not take Ann out to IMAXX for the premier of Transformers 4. A win win situation for you. You glance at your Galaxy Gear for the time and its just enough for you to give her a call and secure the date. 6pm and you two are cosy in front of the big screen. Two and a half hours later, your eyes are sore from all the sharp and bright light from the movie scenes. Actually its from all the devices’ screens that you’ve been glancing at all day.

We’ve become a generation that cannot spend one minute without taking a peek at a device that has an electronic display. From smartphones to microwaves to treadmills in gyms. A revolutionized kind of living. I’m starting to miss the analogue world. There will come a time when there will be no ticking watches, metallic padlocks will be replaced by electronic panels, microwaves will get rid of all sufurias in cooking, et al. Pretty much any new invention that will be created will have to have an interactive display. Well, buckle up people..its screens everywhere.